Thugwho Manifesto

3 min readJun 21, 2020


We are not free. We are suppressed by the social pressure called success. Success lures us with an intricate web of competitive systems. On the one hand, it offers us seductive crowns of economic and social status that were supposedly possible if and only if you are successful; on the other hand, it threants us by butchering those who are left behind from the competition as unfathomable losers. We suffer in between what we really want to do and what we are told to do. However, the pyramid of success is nothing more than a house of cards. Freedom is free from age, caste, gender, religion, and affiliation. What we need is the cultural foundation that lets us express our freedom.

Thugwho establish the culture of freedom through games. Pursuit of joy through games contains the freedom that we all have lost. Johan Huizinga, 20th century Dutch historian and linguist, explained the term “Homo Ludens” to define humanity as the being that enjoys. He claimed that all human races possess the desire to enjoy and, to satisfy themselves, create games. No one can be forced to play a game. Force of order, at best, can be a training in disguise. True games are inherently voluntary actions which resemble freedom itself. For this reason, we believe that playing games are the most natural ways to recollect the forgotten meaning of freedom.

In addition, games establish intrinsic culture amongst the group of participants. Games require a designated place, time and rule. These elements culminate in a worldview that serves as the foundation for the culture of a community. For instance, ceremonies of primitive religions share their origins with festivals. Festivals were as much sacred and religious ceremonies as enjoyable games of festivity. Later, the time and place for festivals turned into a sanctuary of prayer and worship while the rules of games became the law that defines the social structure. Thugwho will develop the foundation of the new society through the culture of community created through diverse games like how our predecessors originally found their own.

Thugwho will serve as the center of meetups between Thugs, who are specialized in specific fields, and other people who are eager to pursue new joy in their lives. Thugs are experts who established a worldview based on the subject they love. There are diverse Thugs for each subject. They have the desire to express their joy of love to others inas much as they like to collect and experience things on their own. Until now, their main playground was limited to online SNS platforms or secluded meetups amongst themselves. In the future, Thugwho will be the sanctuary where Thugs meet other people.

We beseech you to join the games of Thugwho. You may not be satisfied with what you are doing right now, or you may be wandering for the subject of your passion. Maybe, you are looking for an ephemeral joy out of boredom; just to get you through the night. It does not matter what is your reason for participation. Just be here. And play. Let’s play till you fall asleep. Then, you may find joy beyond your comprehension. You will find yourself thugged by something you never knew.