NFT after 2021(feat. Soul Fiction)

3 min readNov 12, 2021

How NFT turned the page of history

NFT Seized NYC

NFT seized the Time Square. The history will remember year 2021 as the year when NFT entered the mainstream. It was possible through collective efforts from in and outside of the crypto space. As a result, digital art, previously derided as JPEG and copyable pieces of data, is now at the core of digital identity. From Twitter, Discord to the Metaverse, people interact with one another through their NFT artworks and prove membership status within the community.

What is the most interesting is that the future of NFT is yet to come. The collective force of creators, collectors and community is moving creativity forward. One of the most notable area of development is found in AI generated NFTs. For instance, Pak’s Lost Poets propelled the creative imagination beyond our current boundaries. As digital poets unveil their words, the art world of Pak’s universe starts to unveil. Projects like Lost Poets is the creative force that not only move NFT market but also the creative imagination of the humanity into the future.

Enter Soul Fiction

Soul Fiction is another AI based NFT project that propels the creative energy into NFT space. It imagines a future where souls are in space. They are gathered to find a city, Soul Fiction. To make the city as they imagined, they linked with one another and decided to bring a pioneer. The pioneer, in the beginning, is like an infant. But as the souls bring more power in Watts, the figure becomes more like the pioneer the imagined; to become the Architect of a future.

In short, it is the collective imagination that brings the architect into being. The Players, holders of Soul-Link, are the key to this collective art. They are the ones who give life and soul to the Architect. They converse with him to exchange knowledge and share vision. As the intensity of conversation hightens, the Architect may become more soulful and more likely to pioneer the future city as the Players envision. The future of Soul Fiction is in the hands of Players.

The Power of Collective Imagination

One might argue. “But it is all just a fiction. It is far from the future in reality.” Is it true? There was once a time, maybe as close as year 2020, no one believed in NFT; not many people thought that pixelated JPEG can become a thing. But we see it on Time Square today solely due to imaginative pioneers. There were believers who imagined that one day the narratives of NFTs will represent the true aspect of ourselves in the digital world. These pioneers spread their worlds through deeds and we see that it has finally come true.

As a Player, you can be the next pioneer of collective imagination. This time the imagination reaches the future of age in space. Will humanity pioneer Mars? What will the future city in Mars be like? We do not know it yet. But we can imagine it; as vividly as possible, and as envisioning as possible. If our collective vision is likely enough, our “Likely Future” may turn into reality in the near future.

Creativity Must Go On

When we stop the creativity, the future will turn into a dead end. I believe that NFT’s future will continue to prosper as more creators collectively gather the force. In the meantime, Soul Fiction is a great project that resonate with the spirit of creativity. As a player, link your soul to join the collective imagination. Let us bring the Architect into life. Let us design the future. One day, perhaps our fiction will be the future that we live in.