Lore Season 3, Fuuture

1 min readNov 28, 2018

What would the life be like in the future?

We are living in the most exciting times. Innovative technologies present us with clues for the problems yet to be resolved while disruptive ideas predict fundamental changes to the system believed to be irrevocable. In this situation, we are in dire need of a compass that shows us the direction for the future.

Fuuture is future oriented content provided by Lore. Fuuture is a series of 3–5 minutes videos that answers interesting questions for those who are curious about the future. These concise yet insightful videos will inspire you with a new perspective on the future society.

Lore would like to build the story of the future with you. Anyone can become the content creator as long as you are interested in asking an interesting question and willing to answer the question. Only with a question, a short script and a few slides, you can be the thought leader. Come and be the next story teller!