Lore Season 2 — “Truth Machine”

2 min readOct 22, 2018

The book “Truth Machine” is sequel to “The Age of Cryptocurrency” written by the same author. However, it deals with the stories that are more recent to the current date. In addition, it covers wider ranges of stories from various cryptocurrencies and blockchain than the previous book which was more focused on the story of Bitcoin.

Since the first book was published, there were many changes to the space. More and more people became interested in the technology and sought ways to apply it to various industries other than the issuance of currency. For this reason, cryptocurrency projects boomed out of scale under the general name of ICOs. In the meantime, some people were more weary of the unfulfilled promises and relentless hype, warning that the bubble will eventually burst.

By closely zooming into these events, Lore intended to look at not only the possibilities but also the uncertainties surrounding the space. Also, there are changes to the behaviors of communities, and even political strifes. These are important for considering whether the whole “blockchain thing” would be able to change the world as it initially promised. All in all, if it becomes some type of techno-political agenda, it is hard to expect fundamental changes.

Of course, the dialogue alone cannot give answers. It will take time for the technology to develop and community to grow before we can make any judgement. However, the consideration must start now. Blockchain need more and more people to be interested in the important topics; and more importantly, motivated by genuine interest, people who act.

Lore hope to cultivate actors in this space based on the right reasoning. The bookclub, as a method of enhancing the understanding, should be the initiation to action. From the spark of conversation, working off of the ideas developed then on, Lore hope to see more people to take small but firm steps.