Lore Season 1 — The Age of Cryptocurrency

2 min readOct 22, 2018


Unless you understand the context to the story, it is unlikely for you to follow the conversation. Considering how a complex issue entail longer thread of historical references, it becomes necessary for the new comers to study historical text. It is only when they understand the conversation that they will be able to form their own opinion.

The same principle applies to Bitcoin. There is a longer back story to the development of Bitcoin than people are usually aware of. For instance, public key cryptography alone, especially the issue of privacy and control related to it, is rich with important dialogues that require close attention. Furthermore, Story surrounding the early communities of Bitcoin may provide insight into the core of issues dealt by the people today.

The book “The Age of Cryptocurrency” is a good book with rich context and history. For those who are new to the space, reading the book would not only increase the understanding of past events, but also the reason why those events were important. The book goes even further and asks questions that are very important yet difficult to answer, such as “what is the definition of money?” or “what would be the future of cryptocurrency?” It seems that some of those questions are worth considering for those who really wish to make changes to the world through the new technology.

Lore curated a bookclub session around the book in order to help the newbies to increase their understanding of historical, social, and ideological implications of Bitcoin. Participants are required to reach a certain chapters of the book before attending the session. For each session, there were questions prepared based on the reading in order to have discussion based on those questions.

Diverse perspective can facilitate dynamic discussion. And through dynamic discussions, many ideas tend to sprout. It is Lore’s final objective to have people actively engage in the historical context to further the realm of imagination.