Destined Future: From Cypherpunks to the Metaverse

1. Cypherpunk’s Four Stages Of the Internet

In 1988, Timothy C. May wrote an article named Crypto Anarchist Manifesto. At the time, May and other developers shared the idea that individuals should have privacy over the network. They were concerned that government and other entities will take over the network entirely. To protect the privacy, they formed a community called Cypherpunk.

2. On The Final Stage: The Metaverse

In Cryto Anarchy and Virtual Community, May predicted the age of virtual community based on cyberspacial system. In the community, members will protect their identity with strong cryptography and use digital cash to trade digital commerce. Most importantly, they will not be dictated by the control of a single entity including the government. Instead, they will have digitally authenticated reputation as the token of distinguishment. I believe that the Metaverse, as a whole, is heading towards the cypherpunks’ vision. But there is one critical limitation.

3. Ludium’s Approach To Metaverse

Ludium is testing the governance through offline based lifelogging Metaverse. Ludium runs offline place and sell tickets to participate in contents. Offline contents are curated by Ludium to ensure the quality of time. We provide everything that is need for a good time including, space, time and people.

4. Open Invitation For Sailors

Ludium invite you to join the community. We are running offline contents called the BOAT. The BOAT stands for the BOard of Art and Technology. The BOAT is for the sailors who navigate the sea of the Metaverse.



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