Dear Ms. Brann

3 min readMay 13, 2023


It means good morning, colloquially used as a salutary term in crypto industry, the industry that I am involved with. Incidentally, there is no morning nor night in crypto. Blockchains systematically run regardless of the physical Gregorian Calendar. However, as a human being, we are subjected to a time in place. We wake up and recognize the time in context to where we are physically. Hence the expression of GM conveys the will of an individual in context to where it is disposed to.

In the previous letter, I mentioned that I acquired an identity. I am Agwn and am taking a part of the journey of an organization named Ludium. For the last two years, we set sails and ventured into islands of endeavors. Eventually, we are focused on Web3 education community for those who seek to transition their career into Web3. Resources are provided in open source and participants initiate work books with which they form a community. We believe that the open source based, self-initiated learning is the key to the settlement into the land of Web3.

As a part of the wrap up for the last two years, Ludium is throwing an event on June 5th. The name of the event is “Bridge The Hurdle(BTH)”. BTH is a multi conference & festival for builders who bridge the hurdle of Web3 mass adoption. As crypto is evolving beyond a cold hard currency, Web3 is poised to present products and services for people to interact with crypto. Then the question is, “How can we bring use cases for people to feel Web3 as a part of their life style?”

I believe that Web3 is a recollection, to vaguely fork off of Meno, rather than a generative thesis. From the beginning of the society, humanity pursued virtues, whether it be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or some other sets of terminologies that are akin to them, through a system. However, as the time went by, and the context to which each system is built upon changes, we are confronted with pressing charges to restore the system that ensures virtue in a sustainable manner.

It seems that we are in a pressing time. Turmoils are rising in every sector. I am aware that you served your days. But as a generation inexperienced in a full scale war, so to say, we are in fear. And the fear typically results in poor choices. I only hope that we make choices that pertain to the future restoration rather than the extreme seclusion.

I wonder what Socrates would have done to prepare for the Peloponnesian War. We often encounter the stories of Socrates after the war is over. However, it is true that Socrates was a valiant warrior during the times of war. If I am not mistaken, I am at the age where Socrates was before the war broke out. I am sure he would have sensed the change in air. As an individual stoneworker, however, it seems very unlikely that he could do much. I am not sure whether my situation will be immensely different, but I will try my best. It seems like my responsibility now that I made my choice to take on the journey as a part of Ludium.

I miss you great especially during the times like these. I fear that my frivolous strength will result in more harm than good. As I start to age, please do excuse me for saying this, I grew a habit of waking up at 6:00 in the morning and meditate at least very briefly. Perhaps it will serve as some sort of a prayer. But more and more, I need your grace.

Please do bestow your prayers on me

With Love,